Council Minutes for October 2005:

Persons in Attendence:

Tom Foutz
Paul Lin
Mark Ruszczycky
Brent Weinberg
Thomas Cowan
Phil Cain(Sp?)
Justin Hartupee
Josh Rosenblum
Susan Williams
Vinod Singaram
Kendrick Shaw
Daimon Simmons
Vishal Patel
Jason molitoris
Vipul Sheth
Nikolai Sopko
George Dubyak



Winter retreat, feb 7
Vern schramm
Web page
New design
Porting web page
In a few more months plans on getting a brainstorming
Fear of stability with old server
Its department requests us to move over
Brent made a list of demands
Possibly moving over to the med school servers

Intro to mstp
Had a cookout
6-7 people comeo ut

Hasnít met yet

Monthly meeting
Donít have anyone for October
Dr. latttimer

Med museum
Med history?
Mark adams
Industry->accademia in genetics
Feb-winter break
Pier luigi gambetti
Prion center here
Forensic pathologist?

Community serve
Habitat for humanity
Teach science classes at high schools

Ping pong tournie?

Student representative to faculty council
Nothing yet

Agre Society

Summer retreat and Physician scientist meeting:
Cliff recommended the following speakers:
Lewis Stout-NIH
Robert Donn Ėpenn
Tim leigh-wash u
Chris walsh-Harvard (neuro)

There was a question regarding the Student Committee to guide student recruits. It is a group that coordinates looking for hosts. Is meant to facilitate students finding student hosts so that the students donít have to sleep at hotel.
Example: for the first one
Arrive the thirteenth
On the fourteenth, we drop them off at rainbow babies, and they are taken over by Cleveland clinic
Or if they arenít interviewing at the ccf, the fly out that day.
One day interview, in and out in one day.
Recruiting : New idea, that they will try to get all interviewees and hosts to eat dinner together.


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