Council Minutes for October 2006:

Persons in Attendence:

Elisa Chiang

Elisa Chiang


Thomas Cowan

Jason molitoris

James Liao

Vicki Nelson

Brent Cameron

Christopher Ryder

Ravi Patel

Nikolai Sopko

Daimon Simmons

Tom Ladas

Cliff Harding

Justin Hartupee

Tom Foutz

Vishal Patel

Paul Lin



Deidre will be leaving us

  • Deidre will be leaving us
    • Many Qualified applicants
    • A few of the past, and the current council president have been asked to interview chosen applicants
    • Time is of the essence, Deidre is available for the transition, but is already emplyed in new position
    • Going away gift
    • Have a little reception
    • Present gift at reception
    • Take a picture at reception and matte it, and gift it to her later
    • Perhaps a custom made pen by 8th year MSTP student
    • We’ll send out an e-mail
  • MD/PhD at OSU
    • OHIO MD/PhD gathering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • (American Gladiator style?)
    • OSU, Us, Univ. Cincinnati
    • Program issues
    • Speaker
    • Transitioning to year 3
    • Sounds like our summer retreat
    • More interest in talking about science, not “programs”
    • If it was fun, some interest
    • It might be better to meet up with Pittsburgh/Rochester
    • We’ll announce if they have any plans
  • APSA
    • American Physician Scientist Association
    • Thomas Cowan has attended the last two years
    • Paid his own ways
    • Joint meeting with 2 other groups:
    • ASCI-American Society of clinical scientists
    • AAP-Association of American Physicians-Very Prestigious
    • Opportunity to present a poster
    • Meet and talk to big scientists
    • E.G. Michael Brown Spoke
    • Teach you about what will happen after residency
    • Individual sessions with MSTP students
    • Q&A sessions
    • What to do as a student, what to prepare for
    • About 20 MSTP students attended
    • Social events: House of Blues
    • Interact with great scientists
    • Learn about different career trajectories
    • Cheaper
    • We can send a representative this year
  • Summer Retreat
    • No Geneva
    • Sawmill
    • Quayle hollow
    • Moami
    • Mohican
    • Unsure of dates-We’ll check out dates
    • We’ll send out an e-mail to vote on sites and dates
  • Winter Retreat
    • 1 outside speaker
    • The rest are student Presentations
    • January 25th
    • Starts around noon
    • Goal is to allow all students to present at least once before they graduate
    • Wolstein Building
  • Monthly Meeting
    • 4th Tuesday of every month
    • (2nd Tuesday will be Agre)
    • Probably going to be Drug Tzar from the VA
  • Agre Society
    • Expect an e-mail soon
    • Not sure yet who they will be
    • There should be one next Tuesday
  • Community Service
    • City mission hasn’t been responding
    • Thanksgiving Food basket
    • Toy drive in December
  • Intro to MSTP
    • Overdrew on budget last month
    • Sushi Rock last month
  • Website
    • First year websites
    • Updated years
    • Need to follow up on which fourth years returned to Med school
    • Recent Events on web page
    • Need to update alumni
  • Newsletter
    • No updates
  • Social
    • Social/Recruitment share the same budget
    • Incorporate social and recruitment activities for the fall
    • Activities will occur on the Thursdays of recruitment
  • Physicial Scietntist lecture
    • Eric Toeppel? Internal Speaker, allowing us a budget
    • November, February, March
  • Student Rep to Faculty Council
    • Keith Hermitage is new chair
    • Losing a dean took over most of the conversation
    • Occupied also with the Presidential Search committee
    • Murray Altose was there, and he gave a synapsis of what things are going on
      • Painted an overly rosy picture
      • Many things are changing in the new curriculum
  • GSS representative
    • Tom Ladas and G.Tom are on the committee
    • Tech Fee~500$ per student
    • Many P.I.’s don’t want to pay it; it might have to paid out of pocket
    • We should not have to pay these things out of pocket-if you have been asked to pay it, and you are MSTP, talk to Dr. Harding


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