Council Minutes for October 2007:

Persons in Attendence:

1st Year Medical School:

Charlotte Chung

Devin Downing

Teresa Evans

Henry Goodnough

Vijay Pandyarajan

Maritza Rosales

Kumar Sukhdeo


2nd Year Medical School:

Chris Ryder


1st Year PhD:

G. Thomas Brown

Thomas Ladas

Vishal Patel

Daimon Simmons


2nd Year PhD:

Tom Foutz

Matt Kalp

Laura Kopplin

Ravi Patel

Serendipity Zapanta Rinonos

Vipul Sheth


3rd year PhD:

Paul Lin


4th Year PhD:

Shibani Mukerji



George Dubyak


Total in attendance:  21




·         Recruitment Committee

o   In the past this was not a Council committee.  Right now we don’t have one, but should we?  How about just a small group of people who help Donna and Kathy.

o   An important role of this committee is to do follow-up calls

o   The consensus is to create this committee

·         MSTP Calendar Project

o   Going to use the Google calendar

o   Give Council open access

·         Committee Reports

o   Summer Retreat

§  Have a list of locations, going to send out a survey for preferences

·         Geneva on the Lake

·         Quail Hollow

·         Sawmill Creek

·         Punderson Manor

·         Mohican

§  Council voted on

·         1. Punderson

·         2. Geneva

o   Intro to MSTP

o   Physcian-Scientist Lecture

§  Successful event last time

§  Still looking for Steering Committee members to let us know when their departments are having interesting speakers

o   Community Service

§  Want to have at least 2 events this year

§  Late December – Holiday Toy Drive (or something similar)

§  March/April – something bigger, like a community health screen, maybe partnering up with a med school organization

o   Agre Society

§  There will be a talk next week at 4:30, still don’t know the speaker

o   Monthly Meeting

§  Last talk was with the astronaut, good turnout and people really enjoyed it.

§  This month, Dr. Kazdan, chief of Anesthesiology at the VA, MD/PhD

·         Oct 18, same day as recruiting, going to try to piggy back this event onto recruiting

o   Speaker will be done by 7:15-7:30, then take out applicants for a “Tour of Coventry”

·         This is replacing the MSTP recruiting dinner

·         Will be in Wolstein 403 at 6:30pm on Oct 18.

·         Location is still subject to change if someone has a better idea.

§  Dr. Walter Boron will be speaking on the 15th

o   Social Committee

§  Helping Kathy and Donna with the Holiday Party

§  It will be on Dec. 11, Manor House 6:30 – 10:00pm

§  Families are welcome

§  Food – full meal or heavy hors d’oeurves?

·         Ravi will email out dinner options

§  Entertainment ideas – joke contest, gift steal, board games (bring them), dessert contest

·         Email Ravi with additional ideas

o   Rep to GSS

§  NAGPS medical insurance discontinued by the GSS

§  BME –no longer has a charter with the GSS, didn’t get it to them in time

·         Going to have to wait until next year

§  Smoking Ban on campus

·         Undergrads were zealous and wanted the restrictions to be stricter than the Ohio guidelines.  They got out-voted by the grads and profs.

·         Now there are designated smoking areas, marked on a big white sign with a big red “S”

§  Grad Night Out

·         Nov 8 at Lakewood Winking Lizard.

·         Everything is free!

§  RTA Passes

§  Voting Rights for MSTP Rep

·         Talked to the president, Kevin

·         He argued that the MSTP is represented by the departments each student is a in

o   Faculty Council

§  Nothing new.


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