Council Minutes for October 2008:

Persons in Attendence:




Council Meeting October 7, 2008


Key Highlights

- Discuss other proposed changes from last year's planning meeting.


From Cliff - changes to medical boards will hopefully be finalized in the next six months or so.  Changes aren't known, most likely all current students will be in the current program (Step 1/2). 


 ** Recruitment/Interview Committee

* New membership to committee

Ling, Emily and Robert, Martiza, Rob and Vicki helping


Welcome letter, surveys, contact after interviews

Trying to organize Thursday dinners better, may try to assign restaurants ahead of time. 

* Continuing initiatives from last year

* Organizing Thursday dinner outings

* Work with website committee to update the website

Mentor list updated, listing of events is updated such as second look.  Adding links for prospective students

·                    Will try to have reimbursement for picking interviewees up from airport.  Will probably have to report by mileage somehow.  Will figure out a system with Kathy later. 


 Committee Reports

 ** Summer Retreat Committee **

Have been looking at venues.

Geneva on the Lake and Sawmill creek are possibilities. 

Will probably be July 6th and 7th. 


 ** Intro to MSTP Committee **

Special talk for students in 1st two years on "How to choose a good mentor?" 

Michael Lederman and several other people may give a talk later, this will be considered by the committee later. 

Should come up with a way to find out about mentors from other students.

Suggested that web site with student's departments and rotations are updated, first year students would like a way to get the "inside scoop" on mentors.

If some students are willing to write reviews on mentors, can be filed for students.  Will think about ways to do this, and to maintain confidentiality as much as possible. 

Cliff has a document with mentor's records of graduate students, time to graduation, funding information etc.  Will find a way to get this to students, either get from Kathy in the office or will find some other way to distribute. 


** Physician Scientist Lecture **

No Report


  ** Community Service Committee **

A group of students participated in Case Community Day that Chris organized.  8 students came to do a landscaping project at the Dunham Tavern (museum?). 


** Liasons to Agre Society **

No report.


** MSTP Women's Group **

No Report.


** Monthly Meeting Committee **

- October:

Guy from Great Lakes Brewry for January?

Professor from Chemical Engineering, on Fuel cells and alternative energy.

October 23rd

Tom Zawadzinski??


** Web Page Committee **

Everyone should update their profiles!  Papers, interests, etc. 

Otherwise, basic changes, some text and updating. 


** Newsletter **

Nothing to report.


** Social Committee **

No Report.


** MSTP Rep to GSS **

1) New Healthcare committee formed

Addressing insurance issues.  Send Maritza any comments on health insurance plans through the school.  If anyone would like to serve on the committee, let Maritza know.  Dental care at the dental school is a major issue. 

2) Case Triathlon Listserve open to graduate student community

3) Do students want GSS information to be emailed out to mstp list?

Will try to attach highlights to the weekly GSS email from Kathy.


** MSTP Rep to Faculty Council **

No report.




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