Council Minutes for October 2009:

Persons in Attendence:

Matt Kalp
Brent Cameron
Chris Ryder
Tom Richardson
Cliff Harding
Marisa Winkler
Tony Scott
Meredith Sorenson
Emily Hamburg
Ling Wu
Teresa Evans
Tom Ladas
Vijay Pandyarajan
Debarshi Mustafi
Vishal Patel
Paul Lin
Rick Arlow
Rob Hyde



MSTP council notes

Recruiting Liaisons: - Went well - E-mail that gets sent out o No one ever replies with questions back  A FAQ section exists on the website • Maybe make one that’s more admissions related? • Include a link to the FAQ page in the email • Improve the FAQ and mail it out to the prospectives?  Students have not been sending out emails after the interview

MSTP interviewers - Students should contact Kathy/Bart if they are interested in being interviewers for the next session - Used to have MSTP interviewers but now only meet on a social basis

Monthly meeting - October o Alex Huang  T-Cell/neuronal imaging and responses  Hopkins MSTP - November o Arts and medicine department from CCF o Orchesteral music used in Deep Brain Stimulation o Music and the Brain - February o Great Lakes guy not responding to our e-mails o Want the event to be here but nothing is set yet o Alcohol’s effects on the liver - Cliff o MD/PhD junior faculty in cardiology o Career development talk o Aaron Proweller at UH o Lab in cardiology department - Dr Scott Simpson discovered a monkey person o Cover of science article o Rob might ask if the great lakes thing doesn’t pan out - Bruce Ladimer o Evolution of bipedal skeletal structures - Hali Salasi

Summer Retreat Committee - Conflict in the dates of the retreat - July ˝ o Most people get here around this time –  tough for people to move in and go to this event at the same time. - Friday afternnon most of the day Saturday retreat? - Maybe have cliff and George do a separate orientation? - Wednesday to Thursday, in second or third week of block 2? - Picnic early and retreat in August? - 6th and 7th of July - Chris Ryder will find out about viable options o About the orientation info o Will send out a survey about the venues - July 2nd/3rd o Finding a speaker may be an issue - Venues o Geneva  Leave it as an option? o Downtown Cleveland/Akron?  Renaissance

Community Service Committee - Case for Community day o Good times were had by all

Social Committee - Tour of GLBC o People are in favor o Possibly after doc opera

MSTP twitter/facebook account? - Matt Kalp said he’ll set up the tweet

Women’s Group - Lunch meeting November 5th at noon - 2 people from the VA will be speaking

Rep to GSS - Month by month parking may be in the works

Rep to BGSO - Meeting Friday at 12 - Meeting on interviewing - Selling t-shirts

Winter Retreat - HHMI at UCLA Howard Witte - Epithelial cancers - Whole body imaging using PET - Was former director of MD/PhD at UCLA


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