Council Minutes for October 2010:

Persons in Attendence:

Chris Ryder
Zach Nevin
Charlie Wang
Tom Ladas
Paul Lin
Tony Scott
Andrew Lavik
Tom Richardson
Cliff Harding
Vijay Pandyarajan
Teresa Evans



MSTP Council Meeting Minutes 10-12-10
Monthly meeting- request made to avoid scheduling events at exam time.
Recruiting Committee- no chairs present
-Kathy says thanks and need more tour guides, especially people who can locate Wickenden
Communications Committee- MSTP website review
-no newsletter since 2007, will restart this, published on website
-people need to update profiles, 1st years' have been deleted
-need newer pictures for website, email to Zach Nevin
-suggestion to contact G. Tom Brown about pictures
-password to update profile is mstp followed by your year of entry
-potentially, annual progress reports for NIH could be added to people's pages. Then any additional changes could be initiated by students
-should there be space for additional pictures on individual web profiles?
_Suggested description discussed. People agree with ideas. Vote withheld due to lack of quorum.
Agre Society-
Dr. Harding's take- Society is interested in having MSTP involvement, on our side people have lost interest.
-Now run by Aaron Proweller (sp?). As an aside, may be a good monthly meeting speaker
-It is up to the students how we would like to be involved
-MSTP affiliates previously frustrated by a lack of MSTP input
-Our attendance may increase their efforts to appeal to us
-Secretary is now Agre Society representative, so Chris Ryder will contact Dr. Proweller
Summer Retreat Committee- Tony wants the retreat on July 9-10 so he doesn't have to go to his ex's wedding
-Dr. Harding will have Kathy check availability for Punderson and Geneva State Parks for July 5-6, 2011.
Rep to CME- mainly setting agenda for this year. Any ideas for topics to bring to this committe should be emailed to Tom Ladas
-Dr. Harding brings up question about quality of anatomy teaching. Thumbs down all around. Faculty will present their ideas for improvement
-Suggestions inculde improved transparency and communication between anatomy and rest of curriculum.
-mechanisms for feedback are available (block review sessions, ecurriculum-based anonymous form), but are they working?


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