Council Minutes for October 2012:

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MSTP Student Council Meeting – 10.9.2012 Action Points - All: Email Kirkland with ideas for Fall social event - All: Respond to Kathy’s forthcoming email re: updating your MSTP profile - Execs: Finalize initial draft of retreat schedule for comment at next meeting - Zach: Suggest Sean McCandless and George Kikano (FamMed – public outreach) as future dinner speaker Prior Action Points - Senior Officers: organize student peer mentoring - Senior Officers: investigate myIDP and report back next meeting o Interesting to play around with, nothing too novel - All PhD Phase: consider registering for Lepow Day o Registration deadline in January - Meredith: gauge upperclassmen’s interest in BLS training o Med School will only pay for students entering 3rd year o If any else is interested, we are looking into piggy-backing onto the med school’s classes, but there will be a fee of $25 o Certification is good for 3 years and will have to be repeated prior to entering clinicals - Kathy: Checking with OSU administration about interest in joint retreat o See below Recruitment - If anyone has comments from interactions with interviewees...concerns or compliments...feel free to speak with Kathy, Cliff, or George - We aren’t looking for minor character flaws or personal disagreements, but if any interactions make you strongly uncomfortable or concerned...or if you find out there are other considerations that may not have been mentioned (e.g. fiance/spouse is already in Cleveland)...these are all worth reporting Summer Retreat - Status w/ OSU, per Kathy via Meredith - Currently working on re-organizing agenda to allow for both Case-specific and joint activities - Will approach council at future meetings for further input Communications - Currently sending pre-interview and post-interview emails to all applicants o Pre-interview: sent by current students that have volunteered to help with this process o Post-interview: sent by current students who either hosted or took an applicant out to dinner, informal o Keeping tabs on who needs to be emailed via a shared GoogleDoc o Will also be sending emails to accepted applicants encouraging them to come back for Second Look - Kathy has granted Abner and Pam access to the website to make updates - Kathy will be sending an email out requesting pictures, suggestions, etc. for the website Intro to MSTP - Just found out they have $$ to spend... Social - Looking for ideas for a Fall social event - Ideas so far: Laser tag, Bier Market tasting Community Service - Doing something in November GSS - Faculty Council - Have not met yet CME - Forming committees within committees BGSO - Pumpkin Carving on the 27th - Speed Dating, Date TBA, $2, Raffle for a bottle of wine


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