Council Minutes for October 2015:

Persons in Attendence:

Kevin Allen, Joseph Tanenbaum, Michael Babinchak, Nathaniel Robinson, Yorleny Vicioso, Zita Hubler, Brendan Barton, Aaron Talsma, Kirkland Wilson, Bowen Zhou, Uriel Kim, Bryan Webb, Paul Cheng, Anna Henry, Anna Czap, Pamela Marcott, Andrew Morton, Alex Gooding, Nischay Rege, Abner Murray, John Li, Sirui Jiang, Dr. Cliff Harding, Nelson Hsieh



MSTP Council Meeting Tuesday, October 13th
T501, 5:45PM

Attendance: Kevin Allen, Joseph Tanenbaum, Michael Babinchak, Nathaniel Robinson, Yorleny Vicioso, Zita Hubler, Brendan Barton, Aaron Talsma, Kirkland Wilson, Bowen Zhou, Uriel Kim, Bryan Webb, Paul Cheng, Anna Henry, Anna Czap, Pamela Marcott, Andrew Morton, Alex Gooding, Nischay Rege, Abner Murray, John Li, Sirui Jiang, Dr. Cliff Harding, Nelson Hsieh

Council Officer Elections Part 2
- CME MSTP rep & alternate - Nathaniel, Evelyn Ojo, Susie Suh have expressed interest
- Often MSTP students also represent the University Track students
- Evelyn has been attending meetings for last 2 months, Nathaniel is interested in being involved in process
- Council votes: Nathaniel is primary, Evelyn is alternate

Summer Retreat
- July 5th and 6th (Tuesday, Wednesday) due to 4th
- Organizers: Bowen and Aaron, Andrew as alum planner
- Potential Venues: Maumee Bay as primary, Geneva as secondary
- Keynote speakers solicit nominations before Christmas - Dr. Harding and Council can help

Monthly Meeting- RCR+4 Session
- Topic "Responsible Use of Statistical Methods in Presenting Data"
- Tuesday October 20th, 2015, 6-7PM, WRB 5136
- 6:00-6:15PM Dinner + Presentation, 6:15-6:45PM breakout, 6:45-7PM small group summaries to large group 8pm WRB 5136
- Group lecture and then breakout session
- Sign in w/documentation will be at session, students do not have to document themselves
RCR+4 Requirements for MSTP
- IBMS 500 will cover first 4 years (thru PhD2)
- 2 hours each year starting in year 5 (PhD3) and continuing until MD graduation
- It is acceptable to bank extra hours in PhD3 and PhD4+ to cover M3 and M4, please bank or complete as required as we cannot be behind
- RCR during MSTP retreats will also have sign in w/documentation
- NIH has expectations that there will be certain topics, forums/active sessions, program needs to define these “other venues”
- RCR+4 is now set up for regular sessions each year, easily accessible per semester, collaboration between MSTP and other graduate departments
- Email was sent from Dr. Harding via Kathy regarding our requirements
- SOM grad will send out requirements/timelines for PhD-only students, which is different

F30 Panel
- February session
- First week of December is next deadline, April is deadline after that
- If you are submitting earlier contact Kathy for link to MSTP F30 database under the condition that (1) it is not shared among those who do not have the link and (2) students w/link must upload theirs to the database
- Ask Kathy to put this database request in the next newsletter
- If you are applying, contact Kathy and Dr. Harding for the budget as asking the graduate departments may result in improper budgeting for M3, M4
-1st application MUST BE SUBMITTED before 48 months of matriculation (PhD year 1 or PhD2 through February submission date, NOT summer of PhD2 - this does NOT apply to resubmission

Winter Retreat Planning
-Tuesday, March 1st, 2015
- Keynote Speakers: James Morrow and Peter Scacheri are trying to invite

Peer Mentors for M1s
- Incoming students are given a peer mentor based on responses to a survey of interests
- Nelson has only received 1 reply, please submit if you are interested, Uriel (Class Rep) will remind class
- Dr. Harding indicates that the MSTP and the NIH has an interest that mentoring is provided, peer mentoring is a nice part of this recipe

GSC (Zita)
- MSTP Council is Org Sync registered and should be eligible for moneys when approved - Womens’ Group is in a good position to apply for another group, something that goes out of the academic/programmatic things
- Campus IT is doing strategic planning and is looking for suggestions, Zita will send out a survey, please complete
- Ideas like scanner to digitize lab notebooks
- Vacant positions open, i.e. on various faculty councils
- IHI group led by nursing students, pledge encouraged to get them to the national conference
- RCR+4 was brought up to GSC, there’s a separate bioethics requirement for IRB and RCR+4 does not currently cover this and the two are essentially different in a regulatory sense

- WR2 curriculum - working on pre-LCME survey results - deficit in career planning so started “Career Seminars,” giving a time to network
- UCSF and Wayne State came to incorporate small group learning
- LCME M4 survey - 59% of students reported mistreatment (abusive approach to students on team, public embarrassment/ridicule, racial, sexual, etc) but only 10% feel comfortable reporting, and very few know who to report to
-Medical Education Building is going to be done Summer 2019
- Anatomy will become boot camp (2 weeks) and will happen on main campus
- Hololens is replacing anatomy for remainder of years as no anatomy space in MEB

Communications (Evelyn)
- Next interview group - 10/15-16, 10/29-30
- Nischay will share w/Evelyn google docs, please CC’d Anna
- Please respond to Communications Chair emails for welcome emails to interviewees

Social Committee (Anna C and Jenn)
- Nothing to report

Intro to MSTP (Alana)
- Nothing to report

Faculty Council (Jenn)

Women’s Group (Pam and Zita)
- Monthly meeting was good, will plan something else after M2 exams

Community Service (Yorleny)
- Survey will be sent out
- Adopting-a-Family - buying gifts for a family and gifting through an organization, coordinate w/ Anna and Jenn, Christa to donate during Christmas Party
- If anyone is interested in tutoring HS students, can happen once a month
- Mentoring program w/Shaw HS in the past, Dr. Harding may send info to Yorleny
- BGSO participated in tutoring

BGSO (Bryan)
- BGSO did tutoring event each Saturday for HS students 9AM-12PM, snacks provided
- Need to have full representation of all biomedical grad students
- Putting together database for graduate students regarding when eligibility for funding applications occurs
- IDP - they address the same principles but ours are unique, Dr. McDonald wants it done by December 1st, working w/IT to make it more functional
-IDPs are an NIH expectation, please, please complete in a timely manner
- Social Events - 22nd, Karaoke at Jolly Scholar, Happy Hour at ABC w/QGrad on 5th or 12th of November, Chili Cookoff in November during a Browns Game (tailgate @ muni lot or viewing party)

Alumni (Anna C)
- LinkedIn group formed, please join it
- Students met with alumnus David Satcher MD/PhD, this happened because one of our students put the gears in motion even though it was not initially planned
- Let us know if you see other alumni coming back to campus

Meeting About Transitions (Michael)
- SOM just had M2 → Clinical Years transition
- M2s are interested in having an MSTP specific “Step 1/ Transition to PhD Phase” panel
- Michael will send out a survey to interested persons
- Sharing Step1 study calendar is also important

Administrative Update
- Derrick Abbott named to Assoc. Director of Program through Dr. Harding, Dubyak, and Pamela Davis
- Abbott has been on steering committee for 4 years, MSTP alumni, well funded scientist


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