Council Minutes for October 2016:

Persons in Attendence:

Pam Marcott, George Luo, Kevin Allan, Otis Pinkard III, Emma Schroder, Byran Webb, Kirkland Wilson, Jennings Luu, Yorleny Vicioso, Uriel Kim, Alicia Vagnozzi, James Ahad, Zita Hubler, Alex Gooding, Andrew Morton, Nischay Rege, Anna Czapar, Pam Marcott, Christian Anderson, Claire Mazahery, John Li

Dr. Clifford Harding



MSTP Council Meeting Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

T501, 5:45PM

Agenda Items

  • Updated MSTP policy on Step 1 (Dr. Harding)
  • M2 students are required to register with NBME by November of M2 and then schedule an exam by January for an exam date no later than April 30th (~8 weeks of studying post block 6 exams)
  • Students must inform the MSTP administration of the scheduled date
  • Students will have a partial reduction in stipend without compliance to the policy
  • Extensions without penalty will be considered for legitimate reasons e.g. illness or possibly a graduate school class
  • We will consider designing student panel about studying for step 1 to encourage peer mentorship on this issue.  Zita will take the lead
  • New MSTP Curriculum Proposals (Dr. Harding)
  • To minimize time in the PhD phase, we will consider
  • Not do research rotation in first M1
  • New introduction to MSTP instead of first summer rotation.  It may include:
  • career development, paper discussion, mentorship for getting students engaged in the physician-scientist culture and pathway
  • Research rotation in the fall semester of M1 instead of summer before M1
  • Summer between M1 - M2 as is.
  • Encourage student to identify mentor by August of M2, so they can start in their thesis lab part-time by August of M2.  No need to do graduate class if you have started in the laboratory
  • If they know where you want to go for their thesis lab and only have 2 rotations, no need to do the third rotation
  • Upcoming event reminders
  • F30 workshop Thursday October 20 at 6PM in T501
  • Dr. Jeff Saffitz (Professor and Chair of Pathology at Harvard) will meet with MSTP students on 10/25/16 at 2PM in WRB 6136
  • MSTP hosts RCR+4 on 10/24 at 6PM in E501
  • Foodie Friday at Whole Foods this Friday! A few spots are left as of 10/11 at 6:30 PM
  • Mentoring program update
  • Success with the peer mentor BBQ
  • Recruiting

Committee Updates

  • Summer Retreat Update
  • Put-in-bay won the vote but may not currently feasible
  • Geneva came in second, with Punderson last
  • We will have a list of potential keynote speakers by next month’s meeting
  • GSC
  • Looking for more committee members
  • Tobacco-free campus upcoming
  • Office of Diversity and Inclusion elicit suggestions for new programs
  • Upcoming social events: multicultural ball, happy hour, service night, friendsgiving, Cav’s game
  • CME
  • MCQs for M1 and M2 will stop being mandatory in the near future
  • Less students in lecture in blocks 5-6, so they believe they should decrease lecture numbers
  • Thoughts from the MSTP students about this:
  • Concern that the amount of information in the curriculum will decrease if they don’t compensate
  • Need to coordinate the lectures around the IQ schedule
  • Block 5-6, people don’t want to get out of bed for because IQ is after lecture
  • Recording the lectures could be very popular
  • More student representation on block committees could be helpful (esp. From students who have already been through that block)
  • Communications
  • Successfully sent welcome emails and will follow up with emails after they leave
  • Social Committee
  • Foodie Friday this Friday!
  • Escape the Room event after block 5 exams in November
  • Intro to MSTP
  • Making fleeces
  • Faculty Council
  • No meeting.
  • Women’s Group
  • No update.
  • Community Service
  • No new updates now.
  • Saturday tutoring each week
  • Yorleny is willing to remind people to attend if they are interested
  • Free donuts
  • BGSO
  • Encouraging students to attend Saturday Tutoring and volunteering at Ronald McDonald House
  • Gathering people who are interested in helping with DNA day
  • Class about learning how to teach during the summer
  • Alumni
  • This weekend is Alumni weekend
  • 2 MSTP alumni are returning
  • Dr. Jeff Saffitz (Professor and Chair of Pathology at Harvard) will meet with MSTP students on 10/25/16 at 2PM in WRB 6136
  • Asked if we would like to have representation on the Medical School Alumni board (4 meetings a year)



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