Council Minutes for September 2005:

Persons in Attendence:

Elisa Chiang, Bridgette Christopher, Paul Lin, Jason Molitoris, Mark Ruszczycky, Shibani, Cliff Harding, Justin, Ravi Patel, Tom Foutz, Adam Burgoyne, Brent Weinberg, Davis Ritman, Vicki Nelson, Kevin Steiner, Dolly Padovani, Tom Ladas, Daimon Simmons, Vinod Singaram, Tom Brown, Nikolai Sopko



MSTP Council 2005-2006

President Elisa Chiang

Vice President Justin Hartupee

Secretary Thomas Foutz

Committee Chairs:

1. Web Page Committee: Brent Weinberg, Tom Foutz, Paul Lin

2. Summer Retreat Committee: Vicki Nelson, Tom Ladas, Tom Brown

3. Intro to MSTP committee: Vinod Singaram

4. Newsletter: Paul Lin, Vinod Singaram

5. Monthly Meeting Committee: Mark Ruszczyky, Davis Ryman, Kevin Steiner

6. Community Service: Kendrick Shaw

7. Social chair: Jason Molitoris, Josh Rosenblum, Nikolai Sopko

8. Physician/Scientist Lecture: Jason Molitoris, Josh Rosenblum

9. Student Representative to Faculty Council: Tom Brown

10. Liaison to Agre Society: Vicki Nelson, Daimon Simmons

Council meetings will be first Tuesday of each month at 5:45.

Winter retreat will be organized by Mark Ruszczycki and Vern Anderson.

Student input to Interview Process

Get volunteers to point people for each department, that 1st-2nd years can ask for advice on who to rotate with

more Career Development

Next retreat: Either Geneva or Mohican


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