Council Minutes for September 2006:

Persons in Attendence:

Tom Foutz

Tom Foutz

Cliff Harding

Serendipity Z Rhinonos

Vicki Nelson

Matt Kalp

Ravi Patel

Daimon Simmons

Chris Ryder

Vishal Patel

Brent Cameron

Paul lin

Tom Ladas

Justin Hartupee



  • APSA
    • American Physician Scientist Association
      • student level organization
      • Meeting in Chicago
      • Unsure what the organization level is
      • We are considering whether or not we should have a representative attend their meetings
      • If you attend the meeting, you would probably also attend the AACR meeting
      • if someone wants to go, you will be able to go
      • We'll talk to Thomas Cowan about whether or not it's worth visiting.
      • If it does seem worthwhile, we'll open it up to everyone to volunteer


  • Webpage
    • access problems


  • Summer Retreat committee
    • Should schedule a meeting
    • We should be sending out invites soon
    • We discussed dates for summer retreat
    • Find out block one plan


  • Intro to MSTP committee
    • Nothing yet


  • Newsletter
    • Nothing yet


  • Monthly meeting
    • Dr. Barbara Fleming
      • Late sept/early oct
      • Drug Tsar
    • Possible Future Speakers:
      • Darron Croft
        • new homo sapien find


  • Community Service
    • City mission
      • Holiday ideas
        • Christmas gift wrap and supply
          • Toy drive
          • Wrap presents
      • Need one group leader
      • Food Basket Preparation
      • Work Projects


  • Social Chair
    • Only one person from committee present
    • Other’s probably not aware
    • Awaiting results from suggestion night


  • Winter Retreat
    • Austin Shenke and Rob Fairchild help in planning
    • Gary Karetske
      • Signalling in the immune system
      • Broad signaling pathways
      • Physical Scientist role model
      • MD/PhD trained
      • Involved in MD/PhD program at Iowa
      • Now at UPenn
      • One of the Associate Directors
      • Has Continued to be active in training
      • Howard Hughes Investigator
    • January 25th
    • Venue is Wolstein Building
    • Until 7pm, as usual
    • PhD students present posters
    • Lunch around noon
    • Followed by poster session
    • We should all participate in Lepow day as well, if we are interested




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