Council Minutes for September 2007:

Persons in Attendence:

1st Year Medical School:

Charlotte Chung

Devin Downing

Teresa Evans

Henry Goodnough

Maritza Rosales

Kumar Sukhdeo


1st Year PhD:

Thomas Ladas

Vishal Patel

Daimon Simmons


2nd Year PhD:

Matt Kalp

Laura Kopplin

Ravi Patel

Serendipity Z. Rinonos


3rd Year PhD:

Paul Lin

Arundhati Undurti



Cliff Harding


Total in Attendance:  16



·         Paul confirms committee rosters.

·         Spit committees into three groups among the executive committee.  Each committee will send a short agenda 1 week before the next meeting. 

·         Meeting times will stay the same (second Tuesday of the month)

·         Commuting from CCF – set up a car pool?

·         Learner College at CCF splitting off?

o   Cliff says that it’s more than a rumor, but nothing is final yet.

·         Committee Reports

o   Web page

§  Updating databases, added the first year’s websites

o   Summer Retreat

§  Talking with Chris (from last year’s) to get material

§  Need to get a list of speakers

§  High priority à pick a date and a venue

§  Going to compile a list of places and present it at the next meeting

o   Intro to MSTP

§  Haven’t done anything yet (unless you count the lunch with the faculty)

§  They don’t know their budget yet

o   Newsletter

§  Nothing yet, going to have a meeting soon

o   Monthly Meeting

§  They have a schedule!

§  Ravi is hosting an astronaut.  He can give us a talk, but it has to be breakfast.

·         Will try 7:30am on Friday Sept, if he can do it

§  Kevin Cooper to talk about clinical trials – how to set one up, run one, etc.

·         Scheduled to talk on Sept. 25 at 6:30pm

§  Neil Corman, Sept 25 at 6:30pm

§  BUT… we have another visiting alumnus on that day.

§  Dr. Mark Kazdan – Anesthesiology – What happens when an air embolus enters the vasculature (more of a teaching lecture, but still entertaining)

·         Has a PhD from MIT, MD from here

§  Walter Boron (new chair of Physiology), a Wash U MSTP – in November

o   Liason to Agre Society

§  Has initiated contact with Dr. Miller

§  Daimon wants the talks to be more interesting this year, so he wants to know if the MSTP is interested to push Dr. Miller to change it

§  Some ideas for the format of the talks:

·         Ask the faculty about questions about how they met challenges that they didn’t receive training to do

·         What are the big hurdles that they hit in their career paths

·         Navigating politics in academia

o   Social Committee

§  Nothing yet

o   Physician-Scientist Lecture

§  Sept 24-25 – visiting alumna Shannon Morris

§  in Heme/Onc now, got her PhD in Molecular Biology, graduated in 2002

§  Look for the email that was sent out

§  “The Impact of QTc Prolongation in Oncology Drug Development”

o   MSTP Rep to Faculty Council

§  No meetings yet

o   MSTP Rep to GSS

§  Didn’t make the meeting

·         MSTP Calendar

o   Will make a sub-committee to do this

·         Holiday Party is Dec. 11, 6-10pm at the Manor House

o   Food and Activities planned?

§  Delegated to the Social Committee

·         Background Checks are required now for medical students

o   Cliff thinks all MSTPs should do it just to get it over with

o   Unsure whether or not this needs to be done every year or just at the beginning

·         Clinical Tutorial

o   See the email

o   If you are interested in it this year then come to the planning session


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