Council Minutes for September 2008:

Persons in Attendence:

1st Year Medical School:

Ryan Fecteau

Max Freeberg

Michelle Jennings

Andrew Lavik

Emily Pontzer

Anthony Scott

Meredith Sorenson

Joe Vithayathil

Kenny Yan


2nd Year Medical School:

Teresa Evans

Henry Goodnough

Debarshi Moustafi

Vijay Pandyarajan

Maritza Rosales

Kumar Sukhdeo


1st Year PhD:

Brent Cameron

Peter Levitt

James Liao

Sreenath Narayan

Chris Ryder


2nd Year PhD:

Tom Ladas

Vishal Patel

Daimon Simmons

Kendrick Shaw


3rd year PhD:

Matt Kalp

Laura Kopplin

Ravi Patel

Serendipity Rinonos

Nikolai Sopko


4th Year PhD:

Jeff Beamish

Paul Lin



Clifford Harding


Total in attendance:  32




May 13, 2008

-       Discussed and agreed upon the following changes to MSTP council:


1. Eliminate Physician Scientist Day

We already have two retreats in which we bring in Physician Scientists to speak.  It is unnecessary to bring in yet another speaker.  Events where Phys-Sci. visit Case will still be announced, but it will not be official events.


2. Monthly Meeting will serve as a framework for most of our events

We will consolidate most of the events under one monthly meeting.  This means, the Holiday Party (eg. December's activity), Winter Retreat (eg. Jan's activity), and Revisit (eg. March's activity) will officially be under the umbrella of Monthly Meeting.  This has already been done to some extent, but we will formalize this process.


3. Establish a class officer for each year

These officers will be some of the most important members on council.  They will serve to communicate MSTP events to fellow classmates in their year.  Most importantly, they will act as role models and help instill a positive attitude into the class.  They will make a point of attending most Monthly Meetings, and encourage fellow classmates to do the same.


4. Each class will be in charge of one Monthly Meeting activity

In an effort to bring all the years together, each class will be in charge of one monthly meeting activity.  The schedule will be as follows:


Sept (Optional, Women's group sponsored event or 4th/5th yr. PhD)

Oct (1st yr Phd)

Nov (2nd yr MD)

Dec (Holiday Party)

Jan (Winter Retreat)

Feb (2nd yr PhD)

March (Revisit)

April (1st yr MD)

May (Celebration for graduating students, hosted by 3rd yr. PhD)


There will be a Monthly Meeting coordinator in charge of organizing the event (ie. reminding the class), though most of the planning should be lead by the class (eg. by the class officer)


5. Summer Retreat Committee must include at least one member from the upper class

Every year it feels as if we have to reinvent the wheel.  The summer retreat can have a lasting impact for many years to come and can thus benefit from having someone who's been through a few of them.


6. Monthly Meeting will be held at the same time each month

The exact date/time will be decided each year, but to eliminate confusion, the meeting will be held at the same time each month, barring special events (eg. the Astronaut visit last year)


2008-2009 MSTP Council Elections


Executive Committee:

President:                    Ravi Patel

            Vice President:             Thomas Ladas

            Secretary:                     Teresa Evans


Class Officers:

            Med 1:                          Ryan Fecteau

            Med 2:                          Debarshi Mustafi

            PhD 1:                          Brent Cameron

            PhD 2:                          Vishal Patel

            PhD 3:                          Nikolai Sopko

            PhD 4+:                        To be determined


Monthly Meeting Coordinator:

Vice President (Tom Ladas)


Summer Retreat Retreat Committee:

Peter Levitt (Senior Advisor)

Meredith Sorenson

Joseph Vithayathil


Intro to MSTP Committee:

Max Freeberg

Dominic Hickey


Newsletter Committee:

Kumar Sukhdeo

Paul Lin


Web Page Committee:

Paul Lin

Vishal Patel

Kendrick Shaw

Kumar Sukdheo 


Liason to Agre Society:

Secretary (Teresa Evans)


Community Service Committee:

Chris Ryder


Social Committee:

Nikolai Sopko

Kumar Sukdheo


MSTP Rep to GSS:

Maritza Rosales (Rep)

Meredith Sorenson (Alternate)

Ling Wu (Alternate)


MSTP Rep to Faculty Council:

Vijay Pandyarajan



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