Council Minutes for September 2009:

Persons in Attendence:

Tom Ladas Teresa Evans Vijay Pandyarajan Cliff Harding Chuck Su Meredith Sorenson Robert Hyde Paul Lin Charlie Wang Rick Arlow Chris Ryder Marisa Winkler Charlotte Chung Tom Richardson Michael Tee Andrew Lavik



090809 MSTP Meeting

Monthly meetings:

-          A list of past speakers exists according to Cliff

-          Monthly meetings will be on the 4th Thursday of every month

o   Can be adjusted due to speaker/ holiday constraints

-          Thanksgiving event again in November?

-          Sticking to the monthly meeting order

o   Alternative is to do a first come and first serve?

o   We will be sticking to the order we have used before

-          Ideas for meeting

o   1st year PhD

§  Roger Quinn – robots

o   2nd year PhD

§  Great Lakes Brewery guy

·         Everything you need to know about beer

·         Hepatologist?

o   Maybe get just the hepatologist?

o   2nd year MD

§  People in anthropology department

o   1st year MD

§  People at Case in a national Kids study ?

o   Random ideas

§  History of Medicine talk by the curator of the Allen Memorial Library

§  People who can talk about clinical trials

§  Ethics workshops

§  Suturing workshop

Summer Retreat

-          Need to discuss and pick the venue

o   Maomi Bay?

o   Saw Mill Creek

-          Need to compile a list of places to go with links to decide which place we would like to go to

o   Charlie from the first year class says he will compile this list

Kathy request

-          Overnight hosting

o   Should we still offer the option of an overnight stay with students?

§  People seemed to enjoy offering their place for interviewing students

o   Default option is to put them up in a hotel for two days

o   Wining and Dining students at other student’s instead of going out to a restaurant

§  Catered food

§  MSTP funded

Community Service

-          Piggy backing off the GSS Case for Community day

o   Gardening Fri, Sept 25 at Rockefeller Park

o   12 – 4 event

o   The link does not work that was posted in Kathy’s email

-          Another event will probably be planned

Winter Retreat

-          Date has been picked

-          Student/mentor has not been assigned yet

-          February 16th Tuesday


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