Council Minutes for September 2012:

Persons in Attendence:




MSTP Student Council Meeting – 9.11.12


Action Points

-          Senior Officers: organize student peer mentoring

-          Senior Officers: investigate myIDP and report back next meeting

-          All PhD Phase: consider registering for Lepow Day

-          Meredith: gauge upperclassmen’s interest in BLS training

-          Kathy: Checking with OSU administration about interest in joint retereat


Monthly Meeting Schedule (Run by Class Officers or otherwise noted)

-          September – Women’s group

-          October – PhD1

-          November – M2

-          December – (Holiday party)

-          January – (Winter retreat)

-          February – PhD2

-          March – M1

-          April – (Revisit)

-          May – (Graduation party/PhD3)


Intro to MSTP

-          Group activities, budget is about $75 per student, use by June 30


Student Peer Mentoring

-          To be organized by senior officers


Election of committee chairs

Class officers (M1, M2, PhD1, PhD2, PhD3, PhD4+)

- M1: Nelson ( + Nischay (

- M2: Anna Henry (

- PhD1: Heather Clark (

- PhD2: Tom Richardson (

- PhD3: Andrew Lavik (

- PhD4+: None

Summer Retreat (2 + senior advisor):

Anna Czapar (

Alex Gooding (

Intro to MSTP:

John Li (


Pam Marcott (

Social (2):

Kirkland Wilson (

Community Service:

Alex McMillan (

Rep to GSS (1 + alternate):

Jiayang Li (

Alt: Nischay Rege (

Rep to Faculty Council (1 + alternate):

DaShawn Hickman (

Alt: Nelson Hsieh (

Rep to CME (1 + alternate):

Joe Vithayathil (

Alt: Nischay Rege (

Rep to BGSO:

Anna Czapar (


Lepow Day

-          Date: February 21st, 2013

-          Submit abstracts via ePortfolio from September 12th, 2012 to January 17th, 2013

-          Strongly encouraged to attend

-          Can use the same poster for our MSTP Winter Retreat

-          Please let us know if you have any problems registering so we can address them ASAP!

-          Go. Go go go go go.



Career development website -

Senior officers will investigate and report back next meeting


BLS courses

Contacts to set up a class for the MSTP through Deb Leizman, EMIG?

Meredith will email upper classmen to gauge interest


Dear Class of 2014,

We have had some questions about the Basic Life Support training, so here is some information to help clarify:  Students in 2014 will be required to complete their Basic Life Support (BLS) training, or give proof of previous certification, prior to their entry into their Clinical Rotations. The certification will be valid for two years. 

There will be additional dates scheduled during the summer and early in Block 5 to allow all students in the class to be certified at the SIM Center at no cost for the students.  Please note that MSTP students are NOT required to take the course at this time. MSTP students should contact Dawn Burke, prior to starting their Clinical Rotations.

Thank you,
Dyna Bolar-Speights 
Coordinator Clinical Skills Program
Fax: 216:368-6821
2109 Adelbert Rd.
Room: E-306
Cleveland, OH 44106

Per Dyna, 9/12/12:

Dawn Burkes contact is  (, she could probably steer you in the right direction.


Internal MSTP applicants

Encourage M1/M2s to direct peers seriously interested in the MSTP to talk to Cliff or George about starting rotations, etc.


Joint Summer Retreat 2013

Current status – Both our students and the students at OSU are interested in a joint retreat in 2013. Mohican State Park Lodge and Conference Center is equidistant for both groups (1hr 45mins). The dates for the retreat will likely be Monday, July 8, and Tuesday, July 9. Kathy will contact the OSU administrator to confirm interest and feasibility for OSU. If those things are confirmed, she will then check availability and capacity at Mohican.



-          Goals for a joint retreat? Social? Networking? Science/joint poster session?

-          University of Pittsburgh MSTP is also interested in doing something together… Salt Fork State Park Lodge and Conference Center is actually equidistant for Case, OSU (44 total/9 Med3-4), and Pitt (83 total/? Med3-4) (2 hrs). Do something with them in 2014 or other future Summer Retreat? Combine everybody in 2013 or would that be too large?

o   w/o Med 3-4

§  Case: 87 total, 9 Med year 3-4

§  OSU: 44 total, 9 Med year 3-4

§  Pitt: 83 total, ?? Med year 3-4

-          Any other thoughts?


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