Council Minutes for September 2015:

Persons in Attendence:

Clifford Harding, PhD

Alana Van Dervort
Alex Gooding
Andrew Morton
Anna Czap
Anna Henry
Bowen Zhou
Brendan Barton
Bryan Webb
DaShawn Hickman
David Sweet
Evelyn Ojo
Gavin Hanson
Jenn Bell
Joseph Tanenbaum
Kevin Allen
Kirkland Wilson
Liyan Fan
Michael Babincheck
Nathaniel Robinson
Nelson Hsieh
Pam Marcott
Paul Cheng
Sarah Taylor
Sarah Zych
Uriel Kim
Yorleny Vicioso
Zita Hubler



Minutes - MSTP Council Meeting Tuesday, September 8th, T501, 5:45PM
Attendance: 26 Students, Cliff Harding

Council Officer Elections

Class Reps
M1 - Uriel Kim
M2 - Michael Babincheck
PhD1 - Bryan Webb
PhD2 - Nelson Hsieh
PhD3 - Pamela Marcott
PhD4/5 - none in attendance/none elected

Communications - Evelyn Ojo
Summer Retreat - Bowen Zhou, Aaron Talsma, Andrew Morton
Intro to MSTP - Alana Van Dervort
Community Service - Yorleny Vicioso
Social Committee - Anna Czap, Jennifer Bell
Women's Group - Zita Hubler, Pam Marcott
Faculty Council - Jennifer Bell, Sarah Taylor
Graduate Student Council (GSC) - Zita Hubler, Evelyn Ojo
Committee on Medical Education (CME) - Evelyn Ojo (primary), Suzie Suh, Awuri Asuru
Biomedical Graduate Student Organization (BGSO) - Bryan Webb

Website Committee
-Jane has already convened, if you’re interested in helping talk to Kathy
-PLEASE UPDATE your MSTP profile, it helps w/recruiting

Alumni Network
-Anna/Cliff are interested in connecting w/alumni who return to CWRU for talks which generally only occurs when someone realizes they’re alumni
-MSTP already reaches out periodically to alumni for training grant outcomes reporting
-Currently there is no budget to invite non-local alumni speakers but for local alumni, program has been successful in inviting for talks, i.e. summer retreat
-Ideally, we would like to engage local alumni individually or even have a panel at monthly meetings
-Currently the only established alumni event is for SOM Alumni Weekend, Kathy knows organizers
-Plan - (1) create a LinkedIn community page for CWRU MSTP, Anna Czap can work with Kathy, CURRENT STUDENTS PLEASE JOIN, (2) suggest that Kathy send out a call to mentors to notify MSTP when a lab alum returns for a talk as they’ll usually contact their mentors first

Interview Season
-Begins in about 2 weeks
-We have had trouble in the past with finding hosts for interviewees, PLEASE SIGN UP! Its as easy as having a clean towel, sheets, and a couch
-Pet allergies - Alex will talk to Christa about asking hosts this, PLEASE INDICATE PETS ON SPREADSHEET

Website Photos
-New photos are needed for overhaul of website
-Photography company coming Monday and Tuesday, Sept 14-15th
-Interested students - Sarah, DaShawn, Anna C, Abner, Alex, Paul, Anna H, Andrew, Alana, Nathaniel, Bryan
-Ideas should include things unique to MSTP, “Evolution of the MSTP Student” was suggested in which each class is represented by a student
-Mentor-mentee interactions are also important - ask Kathy to contact MSTP Steering Committee to see if there are interested mentors
-Locations - BRB steps, Holstein Auditorium, Admin Office

Committee on Medical Education (CME)
-Block 1 committee discussed that block exams should reflect what is taught
-RAMP is no more due to redundancy with clinical immersion
-Academic/Professionalism Conduct revised appeals - CCLCM must now appeal to MSRCP then to the Committee on Students, University Track now only appeal to Committee on Students

Graduate Student Council (GSC)
-Has moneys to fund things for recognized student organizations
-Zita will submit for MSTP recognition in order to tap into funds

Women’s Group
-Zita sent out survey of things to do for Sunday, September 13th
-Will likely go hiking

Stipend Increase
-Dr. Harding proposed new stipend increase to $28.5K/year, and $500 each year thereafter for MSTP and SOM grad students (THANKS DR. HARDING!)
-To be effective July 2016 as it could not get approved for this year
-Last year student proposal increased stipend from $25K to $27K
-$500 increase is a default amount for budgeting and is up to periodic reassessment


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