Council Minutes for September 2016:

Persons in Attendence:

Anna Czapar, Alex, Zita, Alex, JT, Jennings, Claire, Yorleny, Kirkland, Brendan, Nathaniel, David, Raza, Willie, Dan, Michelle, Otis, Jennings, Raza, Alicia, George Luo

Dr. Harding



MSTP Council Meeting Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

T501, 5:45PM

Agenda Items


  • Several students met with Kathy to brainstorm some ideas on the new website
  • Some notes:
  • What new content would students like to see on the website?
  • Links to interesting Cleveland and University Circle sites
  • More photos of students and from students, including photos of students at various locations around Cleveland  
  • Call for students to contribute to this
  • Stories from the Case Daily, especially research-related stories
  • Featured Students section, focusing on student success stories
  • Twitter feed for updates
  • Information about F30/F31 grants (deadlines, application instructions), and non-NIH grants that MSTP students can apply for
  • What content from the current website should be changed?
  •  Mentors list could be better organized.  Keywords would be great, but difficult to implement.  Organizing by PhD program instead of department would be better.  We should keep the alphabetical by name list.
  • MSTP Guidelines need to be more accessible.  Students would like a page of deadlines and to-do lists for each student phase.
  •  Alumni page could be better organized.  Add a note that alumni contact info is sent to M3 and M4 students, so alumni can help with residency questions.
  • Add a message from the Director in the Admissions tab.
  • Everyone loves the humor of the Student Life section, but agrees that it needs to be updated.

Website committee

Recruiting is now. Update that now.

Handbook, stipend.

Follow up with JT Twitter.

Recruiting Update

  • This year we’re changing the way we sign up students for interview sessions.  We’ll ask individual students to help with interview groups based on the applicant group, trying to match for research interests, undergrad schools, and other commonalities.  Then we’ll send a general invitation.  We're making this change in response to feedback from applicants and students.  
  • We’re also short on recruiting coordinators and could use more help (especially females)
  • Information session with lunch on 9/15/16 in WRB 6136 at 12:30

Peer Mentors

  • Discuss funding and planning a peer mentor and mentee activity
  • Follow up with Kathy to see what funding we could get

MSTP RCR+4 (October)

  • Kevin and Michael secured the commitment of Nicole Deming, who cover either:
  • Peer Review and authorship
  • 9 Votes
  • Ethics of mentorship
  • 10+ Votes
  • Ethics of mentorship won by vote in the council meeting

October F30 Session

  • We will have an October session to prepare students for the December deadline
  • Andrew volunteered to help with the new changes

Committee Updates

  • GSC
  1. Brendan gave us an update from GSC’s first meeting
  2. Money has been set aside for travel money, but the details are not worked out
  3. Many positions on subcommittees open
  • CME
  1. David gave us an update on the previous meeting
  2. The health education campus is progressing in construction
  3. LCME visit is upcoming in March, and there will be a mock visit in January
  4. Recommendation to change the format of learning objectives
  5. Talks about changing the exam formats: debated open book and changing the ratio of higher order thinking to recall questions
  6. Student mistreatment: less mistreatment than average, but always looking to improve
  • Communications
  1. May introduce a more formalized process to communicate with student
  • Social Committee
  1. Michelle and Kevin updated us on two fall events they had been thinking about:
  1. October - fall themed event
  1. Ideas are currently corn maze, haunted house, cider mill/apple picking
  1. November - Escape the room game
  1. Fun, problem-solving game
  2. There is one on Coventry road
  • Intro to MSTP
  1. No updates
  • Faculty Council
  1. No updates
  • Women’s Group
  1. Hosting Ruth Keri for the monthly MSTP dinner seminar on September 28th at 6 PM
  • Community Service
  1. Nathaniel has identified two volunteering opportunities:
  1. Saturday Tutoring Program
  1. Held every Saturday at The Church of the Covenant from 10 AM - 12 PM
  2. Training sessions are each Saturday at 9:15 AM
  3. Contact:
  1. American Cancer Society: Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Cleveland 2016
  1. Held October 9 at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
  2. Three ways to help: Registration/Check-In, Route Marshal, and Refreshments
  3. Contact:
  • BGSO
  1. Dan updated on the first BGSO meeting:
  1. Highlights:
  1. Civic Engagement Scholars
  • Alumni
  1. Jeff Saffitz (Professor and Chair of Pathology at Harvard) will meet with MSTP students on 10/25/16 at 2PM in WRB 6136)
  • Summer Retreat
  1. Looking into Put-in-bay, Punderson, Geneva
  2. Currently gathering invited speakers


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