Students are encouraged to seek extramural funding.  Typically, applications are submitted early in the PhD phase and may cover training and research expenses during the PhD phase.  A list of funding agencies is provided here.  Students who are contemplating NIH applications should email the Director (Cliff Harding) for information before they write their proposal.  Some NIH institutes will allow the budget period to extend beyond the PhD phase to cover the MD phase as well. In general, it is best to request the maximum period of support allowed. Unused portions may be returned to the funding agency if the student graduates earlier than planned, but it is usually not possible to extend the funding period.

The CWRU MSTP annually brings in faculty to review the nuts and bolts of grant writing. Here are the resources from past years:

- 2008 MSTP Summer Retreat, Dr. Mike Maguire presented his Rules of Grant Writing, broken down into a set of easily memorized commandments. Get started on winning your first grant here.

- 2011 MSTP Summer Retreat, Dr. Alison Hall presented a workshop on NIH and other grants available to MSTP students (download the 2011 presentation here). 

The School of Medicine Graduate Education Office website has additional information about funding sources for predoctoral studies: