Research Opportunities

Admission to the MSTP allows students to pursue research in most basic biomedical science PhD programs at CWRU. PhD programs available to MSTP students are listed below. Students are not required to commit to a PhD program at the time of application, but will complete three research rotations to help choose a program and mentor by the middle of the second year. Many faculty serve as mentors in more than one PhD program.

A link to each department and program is included below. Follow these to read about potential mentors. Applicants can request to meet with specific faculty during their interviews. To get more information on any program, feel free to email current students .


PhD Programs

Biomedical Engineering
Cancer Biology (CBTP track in Pathology)
Cell Biology
Clinical Translational Science
Developmental Biology (in Genetics & Genome Sciences or Neurosciences)
Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Genetics and Genome Sciences
Immunology (ITP track in Pathology)
Molecular Biology & Microbiology
Molecular Virology
Pathology (Molecular and Cellular Basis of Disease)
Physiology and Biophysics
Structural Biology and Biophysics
Systems Biology and Bioinformatics